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FRIDAY 3/6/09
developers log

One day before my 25th birthday, OfficeWars has been released!!!!!
Check it out HERE!
Oh and my fiancee is amazingly crazy! Check out my birthday cupcake-cake she baked for me! Cake Picture
SUNDAY 3/1/09
developers log

Just in time for my birthday, I submitted the app to apple! It should arrive in the app store shortly!
TUESDAY 2/24/09
developers log

I pushed the website live! Everything is moving smoothly, I should hopefully release the game before my birthday (mar 7th) Just doing some last minute shine and polish to the game. I made a video so you all can see the gameplay. Check it out in the media section!
SATURDAY 2/21/09
developers log

Worked on sounds all weekend. The game now has a completely custom set of sounds, very cool! Definately changes the vibe durring gameplay. Don't worry, I added an option to turn off the sound!
THURSDAY 2/19/09
developers log

Rewrote some of the scripts to help optimize. Fixed some minor bugs.

Had some help with writing the help section, so maybe people who don't know how to play can learn!
developers log

Still beta testing. Thought I'd throw up some screenshots, check them out in the media section!
TUESDAY 2/17/09
developers log

After months of trials and tribulations, I finally have finished the gameplay of officewars! It's everything I wanted it to be and more.

Currently the game features:
  • 32 (one month) game cycles. (option to add longer game cycles is in the works)
  • Local highscore saving (global in the works)
  • 13 Total market items
  • Battles with office security guards
  • Auto Save (the game will automatically save your progress anytime you do anything)

Look forward to more info and screenshots as soon as I get them up!
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About Game
Welcome to Office, Inc.! As a new employee, you are given 32 days to prove yourself in the high stakes underground world of office supplies. Buy low and sell high – but don’t get caught! Earn enough money and you may just end up Employee of the Month.

Check out some screenshots from the game!

see my video on youtube here